High Temperature Drilling Safety

After the first use of the Geo-CoolerTM in 1977, Elwood’s mud coolers were used throughout the rest of the 70’s and 80’s for geothermal projects in California. The engineers and company men involved in these geothermal wells later became the HTHP oil and gas drillers of the early 90s. Due to their experience with the…

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Early Geo-Cooler Design by Elwood Champness

Reaching TD: An Early Technological Push

The Geysers, California – a geothermal well was being drilled and was unexpectedly hot in the upper sections. At the surface, drilling fluid was flashing and posing a severe safety risk to personnel onsite. The year was 1977 – a time during geothermal drilling’s vast expansion in California. The rigs’ operator lived in Bakersfield and…

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