A powerful tool that helps you understand the thermal risks of your well



Drill Cool Systems developed the Temperature Risk Evaluation Tool to help their customers identify thermal-hydraulic risks within their drilling program, especially during the early design stages of the well. We worked to incorporate 35 years of global HPHT experience into this essential tool.

There is no cost or obligation - so in less than 10 minutes, you can begin to understand what the thermal-hydraulic risks are associated with your well plan.

Results Summary

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Ambient Temperature:

Water Depth:

Drilling Fluid Type:

Drilling Fluid Density:

Flow Rate:

Hole Diameter:

Drill Pipe Size:

Measured Depth(MD):

Vertical Depth(TVD):

Static Bottom Hole Temperature(SBHT):

Equivalent Circulating Density:

Safety Risk:
Risk to Well Control Equipment:
Risk to Surface Equipment:

Surface Equipment Cost:

Drilling Fluid:
Downhole Tool Failure:
Wellbore Instability & Kicks:

ECD Correlation/Prediction: