HPHT Onshore Well - Petroleum Development Oman - Sulanate of Oman

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Immediate risk: surface return temperature 166°f / 74°c

The DCS Mud Coolers have delivered an average of 16°C temperature reduction on PDO wells, protecting the personnel on well site.

The DCS Mud Coolers have delivered an average of 16°C temperature reduction on PDO wells; safeguarding equipment, saving on chemical costs and protecting personnel on the well site. This fact is reinforced by PDO data collected in the field and witnessed by staff for the past 6 years. The equipment is known, performance is established, and results have been verified.

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  • Location: Oman

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Client Testimonial

“Generally I would say that the mud cooler will reduce the flowline temp by about 16°C which makes operations on the rig floor and shakers bearable”

Don Gray - Senior Subsurface Production Chemist - UIK/24

The risks for Drill Cool's Case Study in Oman


There were risks to Personnel
There were risks to Well Control Equipment
There were risks to Surface Equipment
There were risks to Drilling Fluid Stability

Degrees above 2nd degree burns to skin: 53°F / 30°C

The solutions for Drill Cool's Case Study in Oman


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Thermal Hydraulic Wellbore Modeling

Wellbore Models

Drill Cool offers in-house Wellbore Modeling Expertise, assisting the client to evaluate the total heat load from the drilling system making solutions clear.

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Drill Cool GEO‑COOLER™
The results for Drill Cool's Case Study in Oman


Surface Return Temp. reduced from: 208°F / 98°C to 172°F / 78°C

Total reduction to Surface Return Temp: 36°F / 20°C

Results Summary

Above is part of the record from an old well being drilled with WBM. You can see that the flowline temperature was a maximum of 91°C before the mud cooler was rigged up, almost immediately the flowline temp was reduced by 15 -20°C and we were drilling deeper so the flow line temperature would probably have reached about 96°C without the mud cooler. We have seen the flowline temperature as high as 98°C without a mud cooler in the 8 3/8″ section (oil based mud).

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