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Immediate risk: surface temperatures nearing 213°f / 101°c

Drill cool systems installed three Geo-Coolers™ running in parallel, returning the mud pit temperature to a stable and safe condition

The Medco Energy Lemetang SINGA 3 & 4 Well had a true vertical depth (TVD) of 11,100ft. / 3383.28m. The established trajectory was a 45° angle kick off point until 9,900 ft./ 3018 m. The second kick off of 88° angle until 11,100ft. / 3383m., then horizontal 1,400ft. / 427m. Utilizing OBM mud, 17.4PPG 5.5 DP.


Antareja drilling in Indonesia Delta Circle
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Project Information

Drilling Conditions

  • Location: Sumatra - Indonesia
  • Well Name: Lematang Well SINGA 3 & 4
  • Well Type: HPHT Onshore
  • Depth: MD 12,500ft. TVD 11,000ft.
  • Coordinates: 0.0000° S, 102.0000° E
  • Surface Return Temp: 213°F / 101°C
  • Bottom Hole Temp: 352°F / 178°C
  • Circulating Rate: 900 GPM / 3,407 LPM

On Drill Cool Solution

Client Testimonial

“The Drill Cool Mud Coolers had outstanding performance on our HPHT MEDCO ENERGI project -Lematang SINGA 3 & 4. With downhole temperatures nearing 350°F the mud coolers were excellent and kept the mud pit temperatures stable and safe, we were very satisfied.”

AntarejaAskar Kartiwa - Owner/Director of PT Antareja Resources

The risks for Drill Cool's Case Study in Indonesia


There were risks to Personnel
There were risks to Well Control Equipment
There were risks to Surface Equipment
There were risks to Drilling Fluid Stability

Degrees above 2nd degree burns to skin: 63°F / 17°C

The solutions for Drill Cool's Case Study in Indonesia


DCS Engineering Services

Thermal Hydraulic Wellbore Modeling

Wellbore Models

Drill Cool offers in-house Wellbore Modeling Expertise, assisting the client to evaluate the total heat load from the drilling system making solutions clear.

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Drill Cool GEO‑COOLER™

(3 units ran in parrallel)

The results for Drill Cool's Case Study in Indonesia


Surface Return Temp. reduced from: 213°F / 101°C to 130°F / 54°C

Total reduction to Surface Return Temp: 83°F / 28°C

Results Summary

The Drill Cool Solution delivered a safe Mud Supply keeping Equipment and Personnel safe from damage and harm.  The cooler mud temperatures also yielded savings in spare parts, drilling fluid, and chemical costs.

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